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Shekhawati Tour

Rajasthan Tour BookingPerched in the north eastern Rajasthan, Shekhawati covers a wide area including various villages and towns. The Shekhawati district includes the Jhunjhunu and Sikar districts both administratively and geographically. The region contains some of the most elaborate mansions, step wells and temples. The Shekhawati region therefore is one of the most stunning sites for visitors on a Shekhawati tour.

ShekhawatiThe region is renowned for owning exquisite frescoes and is popularly known as the ‘Open Art Gallery’. The founder of the region, Rao Shekha was allotted the throne at a tender age of 12 but with his sharp aptitude and efficient skills became a fierce force in the region. The courage and dedication of this young Maharaja is believed to be transcended to his descendents and therefore people at Shekhawati are believed to be brave. Including more than 50 forts and palaces built by Shekhawati rulers, the site of the region is one of pure splendour and thus is a popular part of one’s Shekhawati travels.

History of Shekhawati :

The History of Shekhawati says that this region was established by the Shekhawat Rajputs and was ruled by them alone till the time India attained independence. Rao Shekha was the first independent Shekhawat ruler who established his kingdom with the capital at Amarsar. Over a long period of time Shekhawats conquered the Jhunjhunu, Fatehpur, Narhar of Kaimkhanis and established their rule there.

The Shekhawati region was the largest Nizamat of Jaipur state and almost whole of it was occupied by the Shekhawat rulers. The Shekhawati’s Thikanas’s rulers were the sub clan of Kachawaha and the Shekhawats in totality were the supreme power in the region.

Rajasthan Tour BookingTourist Attractions in Shekhawati :

This region of Shekhawati owns a wide range of elegant Havelis and spectacular mansions definitely worth watching while on a Rajasthan tour. The region of Shekhawati displays a range of most glamorous citadels built in the bygone era. These mansions and havelis still have their splendour intact and hence are one of the favourite tourist attractions in Shekhawati.

  • Havelis : Impeccable architecture, graceful interiors and extensive fortifications of these havelis exposes the rich cultural heritage and the splendour of the era of the brave Shekhawats. Embellished with exquisite mural paintings and beautifully carved windows, these havelis are a mesmerizing site for one’s tour to Shekhawati. These havelis are eloquently decked with beauteous mirror work and antique paintings and wooden carvings which were symbolic of the owner’s status and wealth in the older days.
  • Dundlod : This is another famous tourist attraction in Shekhawati, which is situated in this region. This town is decked with various splendid forts and havelis dating back to the 18th century and thus are main attraction in the region. Some of the famous havelis at Dundlod are Jagathia and Goenka.
  • Jhunjhunu : The town of Jhunjhunu offers peace and tranquillity to its visitors. This is another town in the Shekhawati region famous for its elaborate and beautifully painted havelis. Owning some of the finest paintings of Shekhawati region, Modi Haveli is one of the renowned havelis in the region. Tibrewala Haveli also owns some of the most beauteous murals and coloured glass windows worth a site while on a tour to Shekhawati.
  • Fatehpur : A historic town in Shekhawati, Fatehpur is a town with a history of being under Muslim Nawab’s rule. The town owns some of the brilliant mansions. A few such mansions including Devra and Singhania are well embellished with murals that are of Indo- Western style architecture. The Haveli of Genka houses some spectacular fresco paintings depicting Lord Krishna and hence is a very popular site of tourism in Shekhawati.