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Ganga Golden Jubilee Museum, Bikaner

Rajasthan Tour BookingOne of the best museums in Rajasthan, the Ganga Golden Jubilee Museum now run by the Government of Rajasthan has a superb collection of terra-cotta ware, paintings, coins, sculptures and arms.

Various archaeological artifacts like pots, shards, Beads, blades, Terracotta figurines, sculpture etc., discovered by the great Italian scholar Dr. L. P. Tessitory in the region between Hanumangarh and Suratgarh Divisions of the Bikaner state are displayed here.

Ganga Golden Jubilee Museum, Bikaner

Other exhibits include the gilded leaf paintings which were drawn on camel hide, Lithoprints of the British era, various miniature and oil paintings, royal decrees issued by the Mughals to the Maharajas of Bikaner, various Rajasthani traditional musical instruments, miniature wooden models of Gajner and Lalgarh palaces and a miniature of the royal Bikaner train with the roof folded back to reveal its comfortable amenities.

A separate hall displays antique carpets and royal vestments while another room houses weapons like arrows, bows, daggers, swords, spears, war drums, pistols, Guns, cannons etc. Among them the most prominent is a diamond studded sword and shield of Rao Bika.