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Alwar Government Museum

Rajasthan Tour BookingThe Alwar Government Museum popularly known as the City Museum is located within the complex of the Old City Palace.

Divided into three major sections, each housed in a big hall, the museum has a unique collection of arms, bidri work, lacquered and ivory work, musical instruments, stuffed animals, miniature paintings and Persian and Sanskrit manuscripts as well as beautiful brass and pottery works from Jaipur, Multan, Bengal and Ceylon.

Alwar Government Museum

While the first section showcases various archaeological finds such as sculptures and inscriptions from the region, the second section contains some rare ancient manuscripts in Persian, Arabic, Urdu and Sanskrit. ‘Gulistan’ (the garden of roses), Waqiat-I-Babri ’ (autobiography of Mughal emperor Babar) and Bostan (the garden of spring) are some of the notable ones.

It Rajasthan Tour Bookingalso has a copy of the great epic ‘Mahabharata’ painted by the artists of the Alwar School. The museum also houses a fabulous collection of Mughal and Rajput paintings which have been further divided into various sub-styles. However, it is due to the weapons and armory museum that the Alwar Government Museum is more famous for. Forming the third major section of the museum, it exhibits a rich and interesting collection of various types of pistols, armor, swords etc. The museum remains closed to the public on Fridays and public holidays.