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Nagaur Fair, India Tour ( Jan-Feb. )

Rajasthan Tour BookingIn the month of Jan- Feb, the small quaint town of Naguar situated half way between Bikaner and Jodhpur stirs to life thronging of cattle, horses and camels accompanied by their colorfully turbaned owners. The site of the second largest cattle fair in the country, the fair is renowned for its trading in cows, bullocks, camels and horses. During this eight day fair, a feeling of festivity engulfs the air. Exciting games like tug-of-war, camel races, bullock races and cock fights; jugglers; puppeteers, story-tellers; and exciting campfire evenings are held to entertain the visitors as well as the locals. People from far and wide come here to buy and sell and every year around 70,000 bullocks, camels and horses all of them lavishly decorated are traded. The camels are highly prized and the bulls are renowned for their fleet footedness.

Nagaur Fair

The Mirchi Bazaar or the Red Chilly Market is another main attraction. Wooden items, iron crafts and leather accessories as well as local handicrafts, cloth and jewelry are available in abundance for sale during the fair.