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Marwar Festival, India Tour ( October )

Rajasthan Tour BookingThe Marwar Festival is a unique festival of Rajasthan that is held every year to commemorate the brave deeds of their brave medieval heroes. Held at Jodhpur in the month of Ashwin (Sept-Oct) during the full moon of Sharad Poornima, the Marwar Festival originally known as the Maand festival attempts to showcase the art and culture of the Marwar region.

Marwar Festival, India Tour

With the massive Mehrangarh fort and the impressive Umaid Bhawan Palace providing the ideal venue for the cultural extravaganza, the festival devoted exclusively to songs and dance, features folk music that are centered on the romantic lifestyle of Rajasthan’s rulers.

Rajasthan Tour BookingThrough their songs and dance, the folk artistes bring to life the myth and legends of the area and provide a glimpse of the days of yore, of battles and valiant heroes who still live on in their songs. Other attractions at the festival include the camel tattoo show and polo.